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Can HUGO Bike scooters be operated on roads?
On the roads you can operate the following models: the Sunny / S, BIG One, Scorpio. The BIG One S/X models fall under off-road scooters and are not road approved.
Where can I find detailed specifications for all scooters?
Detailed information about scooters can be found in the page documents
What is the power/speed of HUGO Bike scooters?
Sunny / S, BIG One, Scorpio: 250 W - 1 KW with max. speed 25 km/h. BIG One S: 250 W - 3 KW with a max. speed of 55 km/h BIG One X : 250 W - 13 KW with a max. speed of 70 km/h
What does 250W - 1 KW mean?
The power is given in the range. Each scooter has 5 gears, with the lowest gear running at 250 watts and the highest at 1 KW
What should I do if I find a defect in my scooter or it stops working properly?
Make an appointment for service at your nearest service centre and describe in detail what kind of problem you have with your scooter, or in the case of routine repairs (brakes, tubes, tyres), find the nearest bike service.
Is it possible to try the scooter?
Yes, you can at our address: HUGO Bike s. r. o. Poříčská 282 373 82 Boršov nad Vltavou We recommend to call in advance on our line: +420 735 750 755 so that we can prepare the scooter, or you can rent a scooter in any partner rental company.
Can I rent a scooter for a longer period of time?
We are preparing this option via an online form.
Can I rent a scooter for the weekend?
You can rent scooters in partner rental companies. This service is currently unavailable here.
Can I buy gift vouchers?
Yes, in the category gift vouchers.
How do you transport scooters?
Transportation is handled through a contracted carrier, the price of transporting scooters is fixed and displayed in the e-shop. Via e-shop we deliver only to the Czech Republic, SK. Other EU countries are dealt with individually. When ordering multiple scooters, please contact us to calculate the exact shipping price.
What do you include in the price of the scooter?
The price includes: front and rear light stand 3 A charger colour LCD display with speedometer backlight ( SCORPIA only) Hydraulic disc brakes (Sunny X, BIg One / S / X only) Mechanical disc brakes (Sunny, Scorpio only)
What is the load capacity of the scooters?
The stated and recommended maximum load capacity is 110 kg for all models. In case of higher rider weight, the speed of the scooter and the maximum distance travelled per charge may decrease.
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