29.05.2024Pavla Jannová

So am I legally allowed to ride an e-scooter?

Let's get this straight.
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13.09.2023Eva Tomšovičová

Sunny Eco - summer limit

We have prepared for you the hot news of this summer!
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13.09.2023Josef Bigas

Video review of HUGO Bike S.E.N.

Check out Youtuber Carrot's review of our new S.E.N. scooter.
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16.06.2023Eva Tomšovičová

Scooter Hugo e-bike for the weekend for 1 000 CZK

We bring you an offer you can't refuse - rent for the whole weekend for only 1000Kč.
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18.01.2023Eva Tomšovičová

HUGO Bike e-scooter and winter

Or how to look after your scooter in the winter months
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