HUGO bike configurator


1. Model selection

Choose the HUGOe-bike you want to order.

2. Traffic on roads

HUGO E-bikes can be purchased in a version for use on public roads (250W power, max. speed 25km/hour) and in a version for use off public roads (1-10kW).

maximum power and speed of the engine (non-public roads)

3. Configuration

Each model has different configuration options. Please choose the configuration according to your requirements.


4. Colour selection

Colours are for reference only. If you would like to change the colour of the frame you can choose from RAL Please specify the RAL number in the note.

Choose the colours of your Hugo E-bike.

5. Selection of accessories

All scooters have front and rear lights in the basic configuration.

6. Contact information

Leave us your contact details. We will get back to you with a recap of your order and your choice of payment method.

Indicate any additional modifications beyond the configurator that you want to address (tweaking the color scheme, other tires, and other things you want to adjust. Later changes and consultations that are not listed will incur a fee.

CZK with VAT
CZK without VAT
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